Workflow Rules Pro



  • Added syntax “CF[field], CF_NUMBER[field], CF_DATE[field]” to access custom field
  • Improved auto-completion with more type/semantic check
  • Removed jquery dependency

Bug fix:

  • Fixed readonly rule cannot copy issue
  • Fixed date selection issue



  • Supported date calculation (e.g. 2020-05-20 + 5 weeks, today - 1 month) and more date vocabulary (today, yesterday, tomorrow)
  • Added actions for due/resolution date setting
  • Enhanced validator rule with custom message
  • Lots of editor improvements


Bug fix:

  • fixed decimal number comparison issue
  • improved syntax error reporting


Bug fix:

  • fixed status category NPE
  • fixed potential jquery conflict issue
  • fixed validator message not displaying in quick create mode


Now project admin can manage workflow rules by themselves!

Also Removed the phrases deprecated in 2.1.0


Enhanced the DSL with new phrases:

  • the project lead
  • the url of <issue>
  • send email action (professional version only)

The following phrases are deprecated and will be removed in v3.0.

Deprecated Replaced by
<user> has role named <string> <user> is in role <string>
<user> is in group named <string> <user> is in group <string>
add user named <string> to the watchers of <issue> add user <string> to the watchers of <issue>
remove user named <string> from the watchers of <issue> remove user <string> from the watchers of <issue>
assign <issue> to user named <string> assign <issue> to user <string>
set the affected version of <issue> to <string> as appended add affected version <string> to <issue>
set the fix version of <issue> to <string> as appended add fix version <string> to <issue>


Bug fix:

  • Fixed date picker dialog display issue in editor
  • Improved auto-completion on tab a nd enter
  • Verified compatibility for Jira 8.6


Bug fix:

  • Fixed space behaviour with date value
  • Fixed unary minus precedence issue
  • Improved batch auto-completion/syntax coloring
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues in editor


Data center compatible release


Now you can write post functions using if-then-else style rules.

  • Added action rule dialect for post function
  • Improved cache for rule execution


Feature release:

  • Added predicate support for subtasks and linked issues


Feature release:

  • Added vocabulary for parent issue access
  • Added vocabulary for components field
  • Verified on Jira 8.4.1


Bug fix:

  • Fixed error log during concurrent init
  • Fixed multiple rule view issue
  • Added empty rule validation for editor


Initial release

Last modified May 10, 2020