Project Admin Guide

A basic guide for project admin

This is a server only feature.

Workflow Rules allows project admin to manage the project specific conditions/validators/post-functions in a self-serve mode.


The extended project admin permission should be enabled by administrator.

Note project admins can only edit the workflow that is only used by the current project. If the workflow is being shared by other projects, editing is not allowed. In this case please refer to your Jira administrator for help.

Basic usage

  1. Log into Jira application as project admin.

  2. Navigate to Project Settings - Workflow rules tab. You will see the currently active workflow and defined rules. If there are more than one workflow associated with the project, you can switch workflow by clicking the “Switch workflow” button.

  3. Select the transition for which you want to define rules. Click “Edit” button to enter into draft workflow.

  4. Click “New rule“ under Condition rules tab to create a rule.

  5. Enter the rule content in the editor. If you have no idea what to type, simply press space to see what is available. Then click “Save” button (please make sure the rule has no syntactic error).

  6. The condition rule is persisted to draft now. You can click the icons right after the rule to make further updates or delete it.

  7. You may follow the same steps to define validator rules or post-function rules.

  8. Once completed, click “Publish“ button to promote the draft rule to be active.

Last modified February 23, 2020