Getting started with Event rules


Log into Jira server with administrator permission.


Find Event Rules for Jira at Atlassian Marketplace and install the add-on by following the standard steps.

How To Use

You may follow below steps to define event rules:

  1. Navigate to Manage Apps - Event Rules in Jira administration.

  2. Click “New reactor” and enter the details of the reactor. Then click “Save”". new-reactor.png

    If the “Scope” field is specified as global, the reactor will monitor events from ALL projects, otherwise it is only triggered by the events from the specified project.

  3. Click the newly created “Test Reactor” and navigate to the reactor detail page. reactor-view.png

  4. Click “New rule” and enter the details of the event rule. Then click “Save”. new-rule.png You can add multiple rules to the same reactor later.

  5. Click “Publish changes” to deploy the reactor to the runtime and the rules will start functioning. publish-reactor.png

Last modified January 23, 2020