Workflow Rules

Workflow Rules now supports Jira Cloud. We are working on updating the documentation. Please contact us if you have questions.

What is Workflow Rules

Workflow Rules is a Jira app that helps you extend workflow condition/validator and post function.

The app uses natural language like rules to express business logic in an intuitive way so that anyone (with or without coding experience) is able to understand and manage the business logic.

Take a look at how easily a rule can be defined in the state-of-the-art smart editor:


Check out what you can do with the app in Examples.

Workflow Rules for cloud

Lite version

The lite version is available at:

There is no limitation on features in the lite version. Note there will be limits on how many rules can be created.

Pro version

The pro version is under development.

Workflow Rules for server

Lite version

The lite version is available at:

It does not have below features:

  • Support project admin self-serve mode
  • Support predicate on linked issue check
  • Email notification

Pro version

The pro version has full features and is Data Center compatible. It is available at:

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact

Getting Started

Basic steps to use workflow rules


Explain the concepts


Typical rules that you can write with the DSL


Reference of model and vocabulary

Release Notes

Last modified May 18, 2020